Endorsed: Róisín Murphy - Simulation (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [HD] (by PermVacRecords)

She’s back and in a big way. The former vocalist for Moloko is back for hopefully a 3rd solo album, years in the making, with the phenomenal new single and video Simulation.


Endorsed: Beautiful by Jask feat Jocie - Moon Rocket Ristretto Mix 

A true lounge house classic. I’ve probably played this track 1000 times over the past decade and it never gets old. Simply gorgeous. Jask is my hero. 

Source: SoundCloud / djjask

Endorsed: Tegan & Sara's Heartthrob

Have to say, I didn’t expect much from Tegan and Sara’s attempt to go full tilt pop (how’s that working for you Liz Phair?), but their new CD Heartthrob is pretty flawless. Shades of Missing Persons, Berlin, Scandal, T’pau and a touch of Yelle and recent Gossip drift over this pop gem more than any current pop act. This is pop done right that will appeal to both the oldies like me looking back to the peak 80’s synth pop sound and the younger crowd who consider our music retro and cute. Not sure how T&S’s die hards will feel, but this is so fine, I just don’t care. 

Click here to read more and hear the CD.


Endorsed: Free download of Parralox’s I Sing The Body Electric vs. Enjoy the Silence. Damn, Amii & John!! 

I Sing The Body Electric
Production Number - PLOX008

Enjoy The Silence
Production Number - PLOX097

Songwriter - John von Ahlen (008)
Songwriter - Martin Gore (097)

Vocalist - Amii Jackson (008)
Vocalist - John von Ahlen (097)

Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Studio - Subterrane Recording Studio
Software - Cubase
Instruments - Nexus, Halion, Arturia Minimoog
℗ + © 2013 Subterrane Records

Appears on - (coming soon on CD via conzoom records)

Source: SoundCloud / Parralox

Very Mary-Kate: SoHobo

Very Mary-Kate is back with an idea worth spreading.

Source: College Humor

Endorsed: TE’OING

The hot new way to mock a college football player for making up a dead girlfriend.

(This blogger ain’t buying that he was Catfished. I think someone got a good old fashioned case of the closets)

There but for the grace of God goes anyone who ever pretended to have a girlfriend in Canada. You have to do a lot to get your sports scandal to overshadow the leadup to Lance Armstrong finally coming clean to Oprah Winfrey, but Notre Dame’s star linebacker Manti Te’o has pulled it off. The hysteria in response to Deadspin’s reveal that Te’o’s girlfriend, who supposedly died just before one of his triumphant wins, was completely made up proves that we are all still living according to the rules established in high school. You can cheat and break the rules and take drugs to enhance your performance, but that’s all far less shameful than if you get caught making up a fake girlfriend. Shameful enough to inspire a hot new web trend. In the spirit of Tebowing, Coneing, and longtime favorite ScarlettJohanssoning, say hello to Te’oing.   Just throw your arm around some dying woman-shaped air and smile.   It’s not just fun but it’s also a great way to boost your bid for the Heisman!   Even girls can do it!   You’ll never eat alone when you’re Te’oing.   You might even find “the (fake, dead) one!”   Just don’t let it get out of hand okay? You’re still in public.

Via Happy Place


Endorsed: Rainer Andreesen: Are You Aware that Victor Garber's Boyfriend Is the Hottest Guy in the World?(via @Gawker)

Rainer Garber

First things first: Did you even know Victor Garber was gay? Because, according to an interview he recently gave to Greg in Hollywood, everyone on the planet knows that he is.

Source: Gawker

Endorsed by Anticipation: Decimal, the new album by OMD. 

OMD’s last album, their first as a real group since I was in High School, The History Of Modern was them at their very very best. OMD is one of those bands that does best when they stick to their magic and not try to be who they’re not. They’re best cold, yet romantic. From the sound of this teaser, they’ve certainly not lost their chill part!